Thursday, March 8, 2012

String Bib to Snap Closure Bib Tutorial

LiL Pumpkin has this really cute string tie bib (I hate tieing it on her) that I wanted to refashion so It was easier to put on.

Please note a you can use a sewing machine if you would like, but I hand sewed everything (thanks to fact I still haven’t learned how to thread my sewing machine lol). Also this is not perfect and I don't claim to be a professional... yet.

What you will need

Another bib with a side closure to make the pattern
Large piece of scrap fabric (It doesn’t have to match the fabric persay) I used part of an old receiving blanket 
Embroidery floss or sewing thread (any color will do)
Snaps (pick a size any size)

A note before you get started my bib had a plasticy back so it was a bit difficult to sew.

Lay out your fabric right sides together and place the side closure bib on top.
Using a pen trace the top part (neck) of the bib onto the wrong side of your fabric add some space on the rounded area to allow a good fit around the neck

After tracing pin your fabric together and sew along the line you made with leaving the opening.. well open. 

Then cut leaving a bit of fabric out (see photo)

Cut off the strings from your string bib. (yes you are seeing this picture twice in one post)

Using a skewer or crochet hook turn your fabric right side out and fold in fabric on the open end
Iron the piece that you just sewed to hold the fold.

Sew the open end to the left side of the bib

Ok now if your handsewing is really bad as mine is you can hide it by ironing a coordinating hem tape and fusable webbing (don't be like me and accidentally iron the vinyl, which is a picture I didn't post) I used one of the strings from the bib.

Attach your snap to the end of the fabric (I used a hot glue gun) and the other side onto the other side of the bib and you have a converted bib J

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